Viswanathan Anand – Between The Game of Chess and Poker Have Strong Connections

viswanathan Anand Views Excellent Future For Poker Game In India

viswanathan Anand feels that there surely is a strong connection between the game of chess and poker. For him, both will be the mind games as they both require intellect and skills to succeed.

Viswanathan Anand was recently roped in as the Brand Ambassador of India’s major team-based poker league – Poker Sports League (PSL). Since his connection with the PSL, his look at is definitely to establish the actual fact that poker, like chess, will involve a whole lot of strategies. He was also there through the PSL Season 2 finale that concluded on Weekend at the Deltin Royale in Panaji, Goa.

The PSL Season 2 ended up being a full thriller for Anand and he was all compliment for the teams competing in it. Discussing about the winning team Goan Nuts, the Chess Grand Master & Brand Ambassador of Poker Sports League said, “I’d like to congratulate the winning team and the rest of the teams to be such a sport. Today we observed some amazing match where we noticed the tables turning with Goan Nuts taking away the glory at the last second by beating all of those other teams.”

psychology is vital probably even more salient in poker than in chess because in the latter everything is on the table. But in poker a few of it is hidden. Also, the overall game trains you a whole lot of skills that chess also prepares you for. Essentially the most essential is restraint. You might have seen us, chess players, keeping a blank expression or ‘poker face’. The theory is never to give away any information to your challenger and ensuring that you are not taking any impulsive or rash decisions.” said Anand.

Taking into consideration the skills involved with poker and the trend currently going around the overall game, Anand views excellent future for the overall game in India.

Regarding to him, the overall game gets the potential to make it big soon. “There’s a lot of opportunity for expansion. It’s very comparable to chess to have the ability to access online. It drives a whole lot of interest among people in India. At this time it is an extremely small base nevertheless, you need people to play consistently. It really is all about the public perception. We must convey that it’s about skills and mind. Probably following the first broadcast, I believe people will discover it as a sport,” said Anand.

Anand said that – “About 15 years back, many chess players started out playing poker. I had an opportunity to listen to from them about the overall game. I didn’t know about the game in the past. They would tell me what skills it could involve, the training and other areas. It sounded very much like chess to me. I think whatever challenges the human brain is nice. Whenever I try something new, it can help me in my own game of chess.”

Anand wish to convey to the public that it’s a gripping game to watch which is intellectually very challenging.