Life can be full of occasional unsolicited tips and advice coming from all sorts of people–strangers, family, friends, colleagues, and sometimes, even from yourself. In the world of gambling, there is simply an overload of information available as well as myths and misconceptions that taking tips and advice just from anyone can sometimes prove to be more harmful rather than be helpful.

In online gambling, for example, you may see reviews of certain online casinos claiming that it is either good or bad. However, if you want a real and unbiased review, you should carefully choose where to source your insight. As such, if you need feedback regarding Ladbrokes casino, a good and fair review is what you need.

As for unsolicited tips and advice, here are some of the worst tips that you should not let yourself fall victim to and stop believing now.

The Gambler’s Fallacy

The gambler’s fallacy is one of the most common myths and misconceptions when it comes to gambling and everyone can fall victim to it, regardless of whether you are a newbie or a seasoned gambler already.

Also known as the “due,” the so-called Gambler’s Fallacy says that after losing for some time, you are sure to win at one point. You may then have a friend or a buddy whisper in your ear to place “just one more bet,” since he believes that you are almost “due.” If you are playing slots, this is the same as saying “just one more pull” after a long session of nothing but losing matches.

In truth, this myth is based on some degree of logic. Imagine a coin being flipped with a 50-50 chance of getting a heads or tails. After getting mostly tails, it is only reasonable to believe that heads would appear at one point. On the other hand, applying the same concept to gambling is the same as throwing away all critical thinking and just letting luck play on a hit-or-miss basis.

Gambling is only about losing

Newbies may sometimes get unsolicited advice from non-gambling people about the “reality” of gambling. “Don’t start gambling, as you will only lose all your money in it.”

Is this piece of advice false? Not entirely. On the other hand, this advice is an example of a grave misconception. Gambling is not all about losing, but rather all about the perfect combination of strategy and luck. You can indeed lose everything to gambling, but that should not stop you from venturing to it. After all, you will openly end up in that worst-case scenario if you become a reckless, uneducated, and immature gambler.

Nothing you can do can improve your gambling odds

Since a lot of people think that gambling is about just being lucky, they think that all it takes to make it big is to always make the right bets at the right times. While it is true that gambling will always be mostly about luck and chance and that there would never be a way for you to control a win without resorting to cheating, there are ways to improve your odds of winning wagers.

Stick to one good casino or bookie

This could make sense back in the day when you can only gamble in a land-based casino and a bookie in person. However, in the age of online casinos and online sports betting, sticking to one online casino or one bookie is the same as leaving several doors for opportunities unopen. So, go and open them by shopping around for better deals and offers across multiple casinos or bookies.