In India Blind Gambling More Dangerous Than COVID19?

Blind gambling can have devastating consequences. For some, blind gambling can cause financial problems, broken relationships, losses of property, careers and reputations, and far more.

Blind Gambling opportunities are all around us in India. They’re in our casinos, grocery stores, gas stations, sports bars and churches, and that they can even be found online. Gambling may be a popular sort of entertainment, and for several people, it’s a spontaneous group action. Though small amounts of cash could also be lost, for several people, gambling have few negative effects.

Gambling is known as the hidden addiction. It remains hidden because, unlike many substance use disorders, there are not any smells or behavior changes specific to gambling. Someone who has lost a lot of cash due to gambling may seem angry or irritable, but those outward expressions can be attributed to many problems other than gambling. Additionally, losing lots of money is relative to someone’s financial standing (i.e. 50,000 INR may be a lot to one person as opposed to 1,000 INR being a lot to another). A gambling problem could also be held secret, leading the person fighting gambling to feel increasing isolation and loneliness, and not seeing how out of their increasing problems from gambling. For many of these struggling with gambling, suicide may appear to be the sole answer.

Did you recognize that almost 50% of individuals in the world struggling with gambling disorder have thoughts of suicide?

People struggling with gambling disorder:

40% are also struggling with the anxiety disorder.
50% are also struggling with a mood disorder.
60% are also struggling with a personality disorder.

Additionally, of those 60% of individuals struggling with gambling disorder and a comorbid mental state disorder, 17% have attempted suicide. That accounts for nearly 1 in 5 people struggling. People struggling with gambling are almost 2.5x more likely to attempt suicide than the general population.

But there is something else about India, there are two types of gambling in India, Gambling and Blind Gambling

In this, people use their brains and open their eyes and use their experience, they check every platform, and then start gambling.

Blind Gambling
In blind gambling people jump into it without seeing anything and without understanding.
Some people who try to promote such a platform for their personal benefit which is not reliable, make people reach out to the people by creating a good image of it and Innocent people lose the power to see and understand anything in its glare.

So far as we have known above, according to everything, is in other countries of the world, subject to the rules, even if the number of gambling disorder is 50%, it may be more than that in India because every state has different thinking for gambling in India. It is seen that poker games are not fully legalized in India, yet some platforms which are not reliable such poker game employs a platform in India and platforms on everything reliable is or not, it is no one to see or to its operations.

And according to information from sources, it has been seen that many people know about blind gambling platforms where people are being looted wrongly, but some oppose it and some support it.

Some players were seen discussing this on the WhatsApp group when the group’s administrator shared a screenshot of the conversation with someone, talking as explained below.

Screenshot Discussion:

A Person: I am working on a regulatory for Indian poker Nd you talk this, sorry I don’t appreciate this. Give proper service and take the benefits.

B Person: I have been on the back end of indian poker and seen what all games are played which you wont even know till you actually hear them out once when you have time.

A Person: So you agree the scam?

B Person: All of the are

A Person: But we won’t let them exploit us anyone.

B Person: On a bubble post you see 200 comments but total players played 6000. See the ones who have the source code play the nastiest games.

B Person: all these guys who talk crap online about sites are just talking from player point when your are on the back end one would know how hard it is to run and keep the site live.

B Person: I have run multiple sites and know various difficulties but since these people dont have players they all succeed only by unethical ways you cannot succeed in indian poker scene today being fully ethical.

A Person: You said it. I am sharing this.

For this matter some famous pro players asked their WhatsApp group to be spammed.

For some people, blind gambling can have devastating consequences. For some, blind gambling can cause financial problems, broken relationships, losses of property, careers and reputations, and far more.

It can seem as innocent as wasting a couple of hours on a gaming website, or as serious as a high-stakes poker. For those suffering from blind gambling, both can cause devastation as bets are placed, and debt accrues.

It is said that poker is a skill game as long as it is squeezed in it, there are three types of skill that play a very large role as a skill in a poker game. Bluff, trap and patience.

You are playing this game on a platform that is not reliable. Then your skill is really working there or not, it will become a question mark for you and you will get frustrated with it even if you have the right skill. May have to lose everything.

So does all of this lead to the conclusion that blind gambling is more dangerous than COVID19?