GGpoker Has brought Good news for micro stakes player on WSOP 2020

GGPoker announced a Silk Road promotion with its WSOP bracelet events

GGPoker has brought good news for small bankroll players to meet their hopes of players who just dream of playing at the 2020 WSOP online bracelet events, so GGPoker announced a Silk Road promotion with its WSOP bracelet events.

The Silk Road is a series of micro stakes tournaments that provide tickets directly to the WSOP bracelet events. The promotional series are scheduled to run from July 1 to August 31 and includes self-promotion.

In addition to the low buy-in events, GGPoker is also hosting a Silk Road leaderboard to promote the Micro Stakes series and give players some additional incentives to play the series. The Silk Road Leaderboard Promotion runs from 1 July to 29 August (note that this Leaderboard Promotion ends 2 days before the Silk Road Series ends) and the winner of the Leaderboard will be awarded a $5000 WSOP Main Event ticket.

If the final winner of the leaderboard already has a Main Event ticket, then tournament dollars will be substituted. For those taking a strategic approach to trying to win the leaderboard, the leaderboard points will be calculated as follows:

Leaderboard Point = f * sqrt(Prize pool / k) where:

  • k is the place of finish
  • f=2.0 (1st place)
  • f=1.5 (Final table)
  • f=1.0 (In the money)
  • f=0.5 (Bubble)

While not all the details have been released, here we know what is so far:

  • Buy-ins range between $1.08 and $21.60
  • The tournament is guaranteed between $1200 and $100,000 in WSOP event tickets.
  • Most tournaments are no limit hold’em, but many pot limit Omaha events are also there.
  • Event structures include turbo and hyper-turbo with 6-max and rebuy tournaments.
  • If you already have tickets to the main event, you will be rewarded for T$

GGPoker’s brand ambassador Daniel Negreanu took to Twitter to answer some questions.

Of all the topics covered in his video, perhaps the most talked about is the number of Day 1 flights for the 2020 WSOP Online Main Event on the GGPoker platform.

There was some confusion as to the total number of start of the day on Friday. In the video, Negreanu informs his viewers that the official number is yet to be determined, but he also provides some additional information that is really up to the heart of the case It reaches.

GGPoker WSOP Silk Road Schedule [First Week]

DateTime (GMT)Events NameBuy-inGTD
07/019:00WSOP Silk Road 01: $3.24 NLHE, $2.5K Tickets Gtd$3.24$2,500
07/0112:00WSOP Silk Road 02: $1.08 NLHE [6-Max], $1.5K Tickets Gtd$1.08$1,500
07/0115:00WSOP Silk Road 03: $5.40 NLHE [6-Max], $8.8K Tickets Gtd$5.40$8,888
07/0116:30WSOP Silk Road 04: $3.24+R PLO [6-Max], $4K Tickets Gtd$3.24$4,000
07/0118:00WSOP Silk Road 05: $10.80 NLHE [6-Max], $11.1K Tickets Gtd$10.80$11,110
07/0119:30WSOP Silk Road 06: $5.40 PLO, $3.2K Tickets Gtd$5.40$3,200
07/0121:00WSOP Silk Road 07: $1.08+R NLHE [Turbo], $5.5K Tickets Gtd$1.08$5,555
07/020:00WSOP Silk Road 08: $5.40 NLHE [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo], $4.2K Tickets Gtd$5.40$4,200
07/029:00WSOP Silk Road 09: $3.24 NLHE, $2.5K Tickets Gtd$3.24$2,500
07/0212:00WSOP Silk Road 10: $5.40 NLHE [6-Max], $5.5K Tickets Gtd$5.40$5,555
07/0215:00WSOP Silk Road 11: $1.08 NLHE [6-Max], $2K Tickets Gtd$1.08$2,000
07/0216:30WSOP Silk Road 12: $3.24 PLO, $2.4K Tickets Gtd$3.24$2,400
07/0218:00WSOP Silk Road 13: $10.80 NLHE, $11.1K Tickets Gtd$10.80$11,110
07/0219:30WSOP Silk Road 14: $3.24 PLO [6-Max, Turbo], $2.4K Tickets Gtd$3.24$2,400
07/0221:00WSOP Silk Road 15: $3.24 NLHE [6-Max, Turbo], $4.2K Tickets Gtd$3.24$4,200
07/030:00WSOP Silk Road 16: $1.08 NLHE [Turbo], $1K Tickets Gtd$1.08$1,000
07/039:00WSOP Silk Road 17: $5.40 NLHE [6-Max], $4.4K Tickets Gtd$5.40$4,444
07/0312:00WSOP Silk Road 18: $3.24 NLHE, $3K Tickets Gtd$3.24$3,000
07/0315:00WSOP Silk Road 19: $1.08+R NLHE [6-Max], $4K Tickets Gtd$1.08$4,000
07/0316:30WSOP Silk Road 20: $5.40 PLO [6-Max], $3.2K Tickets Gtd$5.40$3,200
07/0318:00WSOP Silk Road 21: $5.40+R NLHE [6-Max], $11.1K Tickets Gtd$5.40$11,110
07/0319:30WSOP Silk Road 22: $1.08 PLO [6-Max], $1.2K Tickets Gtd$1.08$1,200
07/0321:00WSOP Silk Road 23: $3.24 NLHE [Turbo], $4.2K Tickets Gtd$3.24$4,200
07/040:00WSOP Silk Road 24: $3.24 NLHE [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo], $2.5K Tickets Gtd$3.24$2,575
07/049:00WSOP Silk Road 25: $1.08 NLHE [6-Max], $1.5K Tickets Gtd$1.08$1,500
07/0412:00WSOP Silk Road 26: $5.40 NLHE, $6K Tickets Gtd$5.40$6,000
07/0415:00WSOP Silk Road 27: $3.24 NLHE [6-Max], $4K Tickets Gtd$3.24$4,000
07/0416:30WSOP Silk Road 28: $1.08+R PLO, $3.2K Tickets Gtd$1.08$3,200
07/0418:00WSOP Silk Road 29: $10.80 NLHE [6-Max], $11.1K Tickets Gtd$10.80$11,110
07/0419:30WSOP Silk Road 30: $5.40 PLO [6-Max], $3.2K Tickets Gtd$5.40$3,200
07/0421:00WSOP Silk Road 31: $1.08+R NLHE [Turbo], $5.2K Tickets Gtd$1.08$5,250
07/050:00WSOP Silk Road 32: $5.40 NLHE, $4K Tickets Gtd$5.40$4,000
07/059:00WSOP Silk Road 33: $3.24 NLHE [6-Max], $2.4K Tickets Gtd$3.24$2,400
07/0512:00WSOP Silk Road 34: $5.40 NLHE, $6K Tickets Gtd$5.40$6,000
07/0515:00WSOP Silk Road 35: $3.24+R NLHE, $8.8K Tickets Gtd$3.24$8,888
07/0516:30WSOP Silk Road 36: $10.80 PLO [6-Max], $7.5K Tickets Gtd$10.80$7,500
07/0518:00WSOP Silk Road 37: $21.60 NLHE, $100K Tickets Gtd$21.60$100,000
07/0519:30WSOP Silk Road 38: $5.40 PLO [6-Max], $3.2K Tickets Gtd$5.40$3,200
07/0521:00WSOP Silk Road 39: $10.80 NLHE, $3K Tickets Gtd$10.80$3,000
07/060:00WSOP Silk Road 40: $3.24 NLHE [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo], $2.5K Tickets Gtd$3.24$2,575
07/069:00WSOP Silk Road 41: $5.40 NLHE [6-Max], $4.2K Tickets Gtd$5.40$4,200
07/0612:00WSOP Silk Road 42: $1.08 NLHE, $1.5K Tickets Gtd$1.08$1,500
07/0615:00WSOP Silk Road 43: $3.24 NLHE, $4K Tickets Gtd$3.24$4,000
07/0616:30WSOP Silk Road 44: $3.24 PLO [6-Max], $2.4K Tickets Gtd$3.24$2,400