A ray of light for Indian online casino and poker industry

Anything to do with gambling or playing anything has always been a big hit in our country. With time only the formats of the game and platforms to play those changes, however, the excitement and the passion is the same. Gambling is nothing new in India rather if we look back our history gambling has always been there since the time of Mahabharata which has some of the greatest gamblers of their time.

There have been numerous examples of the riches and Kings playing a variety of games for their entertainment and placing bets on them. Not only this one may witness it anywhere and everywhere now not legally but everyone knows it happens at large scale.

With technology and internet things are still getting streamlined and taking better shape however online casino and poker is still not legalised in the entire country, but there have been some good moves which are for good. Recently many websites such as Adda52 which are exceptionally doing well have been a great hit among people who wish to try their lady luck and with each passing day, it is gaining momentum. No doubt the road is tough for Indian casino however not impossible and with ever increasing the popularity of this format of gaming and betting this will definitely take good shape.

Recently Sikkim Government has issued licenses to two online gaming companies to operate within its territory and this is certainly big news for online poker and casino industry in India.

With this move of offering a regular license for online gaming operation to M/s. Future gaming solutions private limited the market of online casino and online poker is definitely going to touch a new high. Though now online gambling is only restricted to the territorial boundaries of the state and online gambling services are not offered to other states / Union territories. This is the first ever decision made in this online gaming industry and if more states follow this format of issuing licences then the online gaming and online poker market in India will move towards a new direction.

There can be an online gaming boom in India provided other states open gates for online gaming regulation. This is some similar to what happened in the USA where 3 states opened to online gaming, but only 2 states opened up which are Nevada and New Jersey however in India this seems to be a difficult scenario. Sikkim is a very small state as well with a limited gaming population but yes this can actually boost tourism and tourists can definitely come and enjoy the online casino and online poker with their pockets full.

With Adda52.com doing well and emerging as India’s largest online poker site it seems that the future is bright in this country of 1.2 billion population and there is a lot of action which is yet to happen.