WSOP Taking Back a Team Tournament in 2016 After 33 Years

Tournament prior to being done away with from the WSOP schedule

WSOP Taking Back a Team Tournament in 2016 After 33 Years
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WSOP Team Tournament Back in 2016

The tournament format the WSOP will make use of is similarly unknown at this time (defined as something along the lines of the Ryder or Davis Cup), nevertheless, it appears like players will either alternate in and out or will handle versus a preselected opponent from the opposing team.

That being mentioned, this isn’t actually the first time team will contend for a World Series of Poker bracelet.

A French language poker radio program, the RMC Poker Program, simply recently had Gregory Chochon, the director of the World Series of Poker for Caesars Entertainment on as a visitor, and Chochon used this aim to expose the World Series of Poker will be consisting of a team event to the 2016 WSOP schedule.

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In 1979 the Mixed Doubles tournament was played as a 7 Card Stud tournament, in 1980, the tournament is becoming a No Limit Holdem event, and from 1981-1983, it reverted back to a 7 Card Stud tournament prior to being done away with from the WSOP schedule.

A pair of poker legends were the primary Mixed Double winners, as Doyle Brunson and Starla Brodie won the primary Mixed Doubles event in 1979 while couple team Donna and Jim Doman won the last Mixed Doubles tournament at the WSOP in 1983.

From 1979 to 1983 the World Series of Poker schedule consisted of precisely what was called a mixed-doubles event, where a team included a male and a female player turned in and out every half hour.

It’s often unanticipated to me where poker news is broken, and the most current declaration about the yet to be released 2016 World Series of Poker schedule was no exception.

Info is still a bit hazy, due to the absence of information and the difficulty of using Google to correspond French to English, nevertheless, it appears the tournament will consist of teams of 2 to 4 players and expenditure about $1,000 per player to enter into.

Somebody who was truly happy with the development was Alex Dreyfus, whose International Poker League is intending to bring the concept of team poker to the masses and take the game in whole new directions.

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