Pokersaint – Innovating Online Poker

Pokersaint Most Promising Online Gaming Company Award 2018

Pokersaint - Innovating Online Poker
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Poker Saint is the brainchild of Pacific Gaming; a global gaming and entertainment provider. Registered in India under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Pacific Gaming Private Limited aims to be a global leader in the effervescent entertainment sector. Poker Saint has entered the booming Poker industry as the sole organization that adheres to strict national and international guidelines and adheres to its ‘Fair Play’ policy.

Poker Saint have introduced “Instant Cashouts”; a feature that allows players to withdraw their winnings within 60 seconds! This is the first time in India that anyone has focused on the requirement of the customers. It is ultimately a customer centric approach rather than being profit centric.

In the recently concluded Economic Times PROMISING BRANDS AWARDS 2018 held in Mumbai on 23rd March, many industry bigwigs were awarded for excellence in their particular fields. One such organization was Pacific Gaming, which bagged the MOST PROMISING ONLINE GAMING COMPANY AWARD. Pacific Gaming is the parent company of the hugely successful PokerSaint online poker platform.

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Unlike other online poker operators, PokerSaint has witnessed phenomenal growth since its inception 6 months back. It can no longer be called an underdog, in fact, it is giving stiff competition to industry heavyweights. Thanks to an innovative approach, customer-centric operations, and robust back-end technology, PokerSaint has managed to attract hordes of poker players in a short duration of time. It is the fastest growing online poker platform and ash outs. Your winnings will reach your bank within 60 seconds!

PokerSaint believes in the simple principle of transparency. Out of all the online poker operators, PokerSaint has zero fraud in terms of chip dumping or collusion. This platform is unambiguous in its vision; it is designed for poker players who want to showcase their skills. There are no gimmicks to lure players; no instant bonuses, no freebies, no fancy tournaments; just pure poker. The online platform is the first and only platform to offer instant cash out.

Poker, is globally legal and accepted as a skill sport, Company view on this matter is more macroscopic where we intend to make a mark with all skill sports, not only in India, but also globally.

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