Poker Game Has Been Using To Teach Students At The IIMK

Deepak Dhayanithy has been using poker game to teach students at the IIMK


The Indian Economic times recent report , assistant professor Deepak Dhayanithy has been using poker game to teach students at the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK). However the course itself isn’t focused on poker game, Dhayanithy uses its key concepts to teach competition strategy.

Dhayanithy informed The Indian Economic Times on May 28. You figure out how to read people, their body language, and their mind the simple nonverbal hints, their motivations and exactly how they respond to specific circumstances. And finally, it’s all about controlling your resources.

To meet his own passions and find out more about the overall game, Dhayanithy recently had taken part in a poker tournament in Goa. Aswell as playing alongside the professionals, the educator squared off against Indian chess expert, Viswanathan Anand.

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Although both men admit they are really far from experts, the were able to focus on the medullary part of poker game and exactly how strategy may be used to gain an edge. For his part, Anand partnered with India’s Poker Sports League (PSL) in Dec 2017 to help promote the skill part of the overall game to the people.

Like game theory and mathematics classes at MIT have used poker game to provide abstract ideas a functional base, Dhayanithy’s component does indeed the same with business management. But it’s not only the numerical part of the overall game that has been used to help students develop their mind and skills in the boardroom.

University programs are step towards legitimizing the overall game in the eye of lawmakers, but also for Dhayanithy they’re also a terrific way to help students learn complicated theories within an engaging way.

The ongoing rise of poker game in India has seen the overall game became part of the curriculum at one of the country’s most significant business schools.

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