pineapple ofc

Pineapple OFC poker Rules:

Pineapple OFC Poker – pineapple ofc poker is a Chinese Poker variation where gamers are dealt 3 deal with down cards in all game rounds other than the very first and have to dispose of among the cards.


The goal of the game is to set the greatest hand in order to beat challengers and gather the most systems. The gamer with the most devices at the end of the hand wins.


Gamers organize thirteen cards into 3 poker hands– 2 of 5 cards and one of 3– attempting to beat the matching poker hands made by their challengers. The number of hands per round equates to the number of gamers at the table. The game utilizes a button to identify each gamer’s position so that every gamer gets the button when in every round.

The gamer on the left of the button acts initially for each dealing round throughout the hand. All gamers are needed to play a full round of the.

Dealing round: Preliminary 5 face-up cards are dealt with all players.

To begin the game, the gamers are dealt 5 cards deal with up, in turn, beginning with the very first position. Any of the cards got might be positioned in any of the gamer’s 3 OFC hands.

Subsequent dealing rounds: 3 faces down cards per round are handled gamers disposing of one card per round till each gamer has 13 cards.

The procedure repeats up until all gamers have actually thirteen overall cards and a full Chinese Poker hand. As soon as the gamer positions their cards and completes the turn, they can no longer alter the position of the cards in between the bottom, lead, and middle hands.


In Chinese poker where fantasyland guidelines use, gamers have to put QQ or much better for their leading hand while not fouling. The gamer goes into the OFC bonus offer round in which their challengers play routine OFC while the fantasyland gamer is dealt fourteen cards at when and can set them like a routine Chinese Poker hand disposing of one card.

In fantasyland, the gamer’s cards continue to be hidden to other gamers up until completion of the round. Throughout the fantasyland stage, routine OFC rewards are scored for all gamers in the hand. The gamer can likewise restart fantasyland in OFC Pineapple if they make 3 of a kind in the leading hand, 4 of a kind in the center hand or 4 of a kind in the bottom hand.

Showdown and scoring

The overall rating in a hand for each gamer is determined by comparing each gamer’s hand with all other gamers’ hands. No gamer can make more points or lose more points in any rating computation than their beginning stack utilized for that estimation.

Below are the most typical scoring alternatives for OFC. The active scoring for that will be shown in the lobby information if any of these scoring choices is altered for a particular game.

Headshot Scoring System:

Beat: +1 unit
Surrender: +2 units
Scoop: +6 units
Foul: +6 units to each opponent who doesn’t foul

Royalties for bottom hand:

Straight: +2 units
Flush: +4 units
Full House: +6 units
Quads: +10 units
Straight Flush: +15 units
Royal Flush: +25 units

Royalties for middle hand (double bottom hand royalties):

Set: +2 units
Straight: +4 units
Flush: +8 units
Full House: +12 units
Quads: +20 units
Straight Flush: +30 units
Royal Flush: +50 units

Royalties for top hand:

66 +1unit
77 +2 units
88 +3 units
99 +4 units
TT +5 units
JJ +6 units
QQ +7 units
KK +8 units
AA +9 units
222 +10 units
333 +11 units
444 +12 units
555 +13 units
666 +14 units
777 +15 units
888 +16 units
999 +17 units
TTT +18 units
JJJ +19 units
QQQ +20 units
KKK +21 units
AAA +22 units