MPC24: China’s Huitong Cao declares leading spot on Day 1c, Kamel Mokhammad back on top for Day 2

MPC24 China’s Huitong Cao declares leading spot on Day 1c, Kamel Mokhammad back on top for Day 2
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Huitong Cao declares leading spot on Day 1c

Of those 512 who did participate today, just 127 would make it through the 12 levels of play. When all was stated and done stood Huitong Cao, Ahead of the pack. He finished with 232,600 ahead of Wayne Zhang with 167,600 and Jun Yang Ong on 165,900.

We saw records were broken and an inexpressible environment as players flooded the poker room here for the final and 3rd opening air travel of the Red Dragon.

Cao has only one previous live cash to his name from a 2nd place surface in a turbo event back in 2014. With that rating granting him just $4,479, Cao is well on his method to the greatest outcome of his poker profession.

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Returning tomorrow to sign up with Cao on Day 2 from today’s air travel will be 4 previous Red Dragon champions. Yuefeng Pan (95,700), Zhenru Xie (73,400), Raymond Wu (73,000) and Tom Alner (49,000) all finished with chips.

By the close of late registration, it was 512 who signed up with the hunt today. That brought our amount to 1,075 for a record-breaking Red Dragon field. Not just was today the greatest Day 1 air travel and verified we were amongst the most significant version of this tournament ever, however, it likewise ended up being the largest-ever freezeout tournament in the entire of the Asia-Pacific.

Kamel Mokhammad back on top  

There had 259 returning from our record 1,075-player field and once more the herd was thinned considerably. After 6 levels of play, it was just 55 who endured procedures – they’ll be back tomorrow for the main Day 3 where they’ll play down to a final table.

Today likewise saw the cash bubble burst as 135 players secured a $HK22,300 payday. The unfortunate 136th area went to Wing Cheong Chong who got his cash in great holding A ♣ J ♣ however, could not hold versus his opponent’s A ♦ 4 ♥ when the latter discovered a runner-runner flush.

Discovering the rail today were our 2 staying Team PokerStars Pros. Kosei Ichinose and Chen-an Lin returned today, however, could not outlive the night. Ichinose moved all in over a button raise with K ♠ T ♠ however, he could not enhance versus his tablemate’s A ♣ J ♥.

While these players all left today, the staying 55 will return tomorrow for the penultimate day. Some who made it consist of Wayne Zhang (246,000), Leon Tsu (201,000), Tom Alner (171,000) and Takashi Ogura (160,000).

Of those 55 it was Kamel Mokhammad who reached the top of the chip counts. Mokhammad is currently a familiar face after completing atop the leader board on Day 1b. When all was stated and done, he continued to run it up today and bagged up 905,000.

The poker room is waning here now as Day 2 of the MPC24 Red Dragon has actually covered however recently PokerStars LIVE Macau was electrical with excitement.

Day 1c Top Ten Chip Counts

Kamel Mokhammad (Ukraine) – 905,000
Yiu Wah Kwok (Hong Kong) – 715,000
Tianhong Su (China) – 712,000
Chien-jung Huang (Taiwan) – 641,000
Inaki Joseba Santos Armendariz (Spain) – 628,000
Huitong Cao (China) – 579,000
Chia-chi Liu (Taiwan) – 542,000
Chong Yu (China) – 539,000
Weihang Chen (China) – 532,000
Yuexin Wang (China) – 503,000

When 55 continue to go after the $HK2,360,000 leading prize and the renowned Red Dragon prize, we hope you can join tomorrow. The action starts at 3:00 pm local time and the objective is to play down up until a final table is set.

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