is Set to Introduce its Players to the ‘World of Ultimate Benefits’, India’s largest poker site is all set with its Advantage – a loyalty program that will provide online poker players with exciting benefits

54 is Introduce its Players to the ‘World of Ultimate Benefits’
- Advertisement -, India’s largest poker site is all set with its Advantage – a loyalty program that will provide online poker players with exciting benefits. This online program is a grand opportunity for the poker game enthusiasts to compete with world class poker players. This extravaganza was launched around mid-September. What adds to the grandeur of this event is that both rake-back and rewards will be provided to players simultaneously. As soon as a player plays a game and wager, he/she gets to become a part of the Adda52 Advantage Club.

Commenting on the recent launch, Mohit Agarwal, CEO and Co-Founder of Adda52 said, “The need of the multidimensional program arose when our research showed that each user has unique playing style in terms of hands they play or the stakes they choose. Thus, it was imperative that each be rewarded appropriately for the effort they are putting in. We have made use of complex algorithm to factor in the playing style, thus, keeping the distribution of points or bonus and rewards as seamless as possible.”

There are 5 clubs in Adda52 Advantage Program – Rookie Club, Jacks Den, Queens Haven, Kings Court and Acers Adda. Higher the club, bigger the benefits. Interestingly, there are 4 crates (mystery boxes) in each club that provide instant bonus, crowns (a special Adda52 currency) poker packages and much more. The moment a player completes required hands, tournaments & streaks, he/she is notified if the crate is ready to open. All rewards in the crate are random in nature and nothing but full of surprises.

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The program is conceptualized in a way that it provides great benefits and even a chance to win the entry ticket to a world poker tournament. Recently, a user was enthralled by winning a WPT Main Event ticket worth Rs.55,000 through random crate just ten days after the commencement of the program.

According to Kapil Arora, Product Head at, “We have both rake-back and rewards stitched together in our new loyalty program. This combination gives players maximum benefits (cash bonus & rewards) and flexibility to open as many crates based on the volume of their game play. There are a lot of other cool gadgets like Smart phones, Speakers, Headphones, Laptops, Watches, Motor-bike and Luxury Car in Adda52 store which can be purchased by redeeming crowns earned from the crates. Adda52 Advantage is full of surprises & benefits and an ultimate destination of exciting rewards for all the players”

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